Keepers of the Cerulean Sign

Triple Trouble

When facing creatures from the far beyond the edges of your own world, any leg up you can get is a good one. With all the things that they can do to you, I have decided that the best strategy in a fight is to keep them as far away from me as possible to limit the pain they can inflict. I have spent years learning techniques to make this easier on myself. I have always found this to be effective for myself but until now I have never realized that my techniques could be used to wreak such havoc upon our dreadful foes. Zamzammir has shown me his ingenuity in taking advantage of any weakness he can find, his own chosen style of combat. The disabilities I impose upon my foes allows him more time to position himself to his best advantage and strike with devastating accuracy. Where I take my time and whittle foes down from relative safety, Zamzammir darts in and finishes them off brutally and efficiently.

— While in our own ways we have both been effective in striking out at that which invades our world, its when we work together that we become more than the sum of our parts. Teamwork allows us to gain benefit from our companions strengths, we can rely on each other to support us in areas we lack and focus on what we do well. Working together Zamzammir and I have proven that we are not just twice as effective as when we are alone, but rather three or four times the threat. I have confidence now that the forces of beyond will never succeed for while they are numerous and deadly, they will never be as dangerous as a well oiled team.

Let them cower in the night knowing that the Keepers may be coming for them next.

Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.


Cool! Thanks for the extra character perspective.

Triple Trouble

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