Keepers of the Cerulean Sign

We meet again

some clues Ferthen and I had picked up about some nasty business going on in town. We found our way to an unlicensed gambling den and wouldn’t you know it, but old Zark happened to be there. That and a half dozen worm necks. Man, I hate those things. They ride along, guiding their hosts to do what they want to do anyway. Then when they can’t stand the wait, they puree the brain and take full control. The host eventually dies, but then they just have to get another host before it’s too late.

They fought hard and their minions knew no better than to follow them. But in the end, we called their bluff and won the game. The worms are salted and burned. The evidence of their perfidy has been removed to prevent reinfestation. And Zark? Let’s just say he got his measure of justice.

Yeah, this is out of order. I’ll have to check with everyone to piece this back together.



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