Character Creation

  1. Level: Character’s start the campaign at level 2. This will allow hybrid PCs to be more fully functional at the beginning. PCs shouls receive enough experience to level about every 2-3 game sessions. New players or players that are unable to make it to games will be awarded all gold, xp, item upgrade levels and level “X” items as they are assumed to be doing the keepers work elsewhere so that all PCs are of equal power level. Only specific magic items found will not be automatically awarded.

  2. Backgrounds: Choose a background, either Forgotten Realms or Scales of War, however no Auspicious Birth, Born under a Bad Sign, Thay, Impultur or other background that allows using a different stat for starting hit points, Backgrounds in this campaign are to give the PCs more flavor or capabilities not simply more hit points.

  3. Races: As members of the secretive Keepers of the Cerulean Sign the PC’s may wish to have stealthy and infiltration options available. Some of the more monsterous races may hinder these options, so minotaurs, gnolls, shardminds, warforged and anything else that would have trouble passing for a nondescript humanoid should be avoided. Let me know if you have a concept with one of these sorts of races and we’ll see if we can work something out.

  4. Classes: Hybrid classes are the norm for the campaign. As the campaign grows, some hybrid class features may be modified to be more inline with standard class features.

  5. Gear: Characters may start with 200gp of gear. At the beginning of each chapter PCs will be given the opportunity to outfit themselves with consumable items from a list of available items. These items may include potions, alchemical items, ritual scrolls (note: any PC can cast from a scroll), whetstones, magic ammunition and the like. This will give players the opportunity to use items that they think are cool, but would never spend their hard earned GPs on.

  6. Magic Items: PCs begin the game with a +1 amulet of protection, +1 armor, and a +1 weapon (2 if you are a 2 weapon fighter or a character that needs melee and ranged weapons for their powers). These are legacy items that may represent heirlooms, gifts and the like from the characters’ past. These items will be “upgraded” instead of replaced with new found items and will stay with the character throughout their lifetime. Other magic items will generally be found as specific items or items of “X” level so that players have to opportunity to outfit their characters with the magic items that they want. PCs also begin with a Cerulean Sign

  7. Organization: The PC’s are all members of the Keepers of the Cerulean Sign and often refer to each other as “Keeper (Name)”. As the PC’s power grows so will the benefits they receive from the organization. These benefits will take the form free gear and extra organization themed encounter and daily powers. The PC’s begin with the Knowledge Obscura Level 1 daily utility power.

Character Creation

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