Alon Canus


Class: Paladin/Ardent (level 2)

Race: Human

Hit Points: 31

Heal Surges: 9


  • Armor Class: 22 (Platemail and Heavy Shield)
  • Fortitude: 15
  • Reflex: 17
  • Will: 18

Main Attack: 11 1d87 (Longsword)


  • Level 1: Hybrid Talent (Paladin Armor)
  • Level 1: Weapon Expertise (Heavy Blade)
  • Level 2: Weapon Focus (Heavy Blade)


  • Level 1 (at-will): Focusing Strike (Saving Throw)
  • Level 1 (at-will): Ardent Strike (Divine Sanction)
  • Level 1 (at-will): Energizing Strike (+6 Temp Hit Points)
  • Level 1 (Encounter): Ardent Surge (Heal +1d6)
  • Level 1 (Encounter): Valorous Smite (Divine Sanction)
  • Level 1 (Daily): Implanted Suggestion (Daze)
  • Level 2 (Utility): Virtue (Encounter: +7 Temp Hit Points – Self)

Trained Skills: Arcana 8, Bluff 11, Diplomacy 11, History 8


Originally hails from Netheril: The Empire of Netheril has risen from the desert sands of Anauroch, a land wreathed in shadow that dominates the northern reaches of Faerûn. The floating cities of Shade Enclave and Sakkors rule the great basin between the High Ice and the Stonelands, and hold the nearby land of Sembia in thrall.

The Empire of Netheril has been reborn, thanks to the return of its residents from their centuries-long exile in the Shadowfell. Under the strict rule of the Twelve Princes, the returned Netherese, now calling themselves Shadovar, are ascendant, having defeated old enemies and reclaimed what they see as their rightful place in Faerûn. The region is growing increasingly verdant with each passing year, and its enemies remain at bay, fearful of Netheril’s potent magic but unable to contain the tendrils of shadow spread by Netherese infiltrators.

People of Netheril
The Netherese proudly trace their ancestry back to ancient Netheril, though in truth their culture is the product of many influences. The ruling upper class consists primarily of Shadovar, descendants of the Netherese who spent centuries in exile in the Shadowfell. The middle classes include the commingled human descendants of Bedine nomads,Tunlar savages, tribesfolk of the Ride, and those not of Netherese stock. The lower classes consist of krinths (humanoids descended from mixtures of humans and shadow demons) and asabis (lizardfolk who favor hot, dry climates and cool, subterranean caverns).

The Netherese are proud of their accomplishments and feel that they are gradually reclaiming
the land that was stolen from their ancestors. They have little sympathy for the savage tribes that overran their ancestral lands, and fear that those tribes seek to bring Netheril low again. The Netherese view Sembians with a measure of disdain, eyeing their commercial inclinations with suspicion but acknowledging their contributions to the Empire of Netheril. Elves and humans in Luruar, Evereska, Cormyr, and Myth Drannor are viewed with great distrust, if not outright hostility.

Shadovar Elite: Netheril’s ruling elite is dominated by Shadovar who can trace their ancestry back to the long exile in the Shadowfell and who today live in the soaring towers of the city of Shade. As a class, they form the backbone of the reconstituted empire and are consumed with maintaining its supremacy.

History of Alon Canus: The Canus family name is part of the Shadovar Elite, as all of the male family members because powerful wizards. That is why Alon was such a disappointment to the noble Canus heritage, he was born “different”, when most students start the magick training Alon he had no magical aptitude at all. This could not be, what an embarrassment to the royal family name. His father Drennan Canus wanted him executed and erased from the record books and the plan would have succeeded if not for the compassion of his mother Lady Regina Canus who sent him away with her most trusted royal guard Darack Stonewood.

Now, Alon Canus an outcast from his long linage of Netheril royalty tries to make peace with his betrayal and lives a life of adventure embracing his own natural Psionic abilities and the martial training he received from his protector and father figure in Darack Stonewood.

Personality: Alon is an unassuming human male of average size and build. He has very kind and comforting facial features and his cool pale blue eyes are unusual for his heritage but something about them with his calm relaxed demeanor makes people feel comfortable and trust him.

He wears finely crafted, clean and polished platemail armor with a matching shield. Never too far from him is his ornately crafted long sword. His items seem of some worth to him more than any monetary value as he was given them from his guardian and role-model Darack Stonewood when he passed away.

Alon Canus

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