Bodin Kekwor

Half-Orc Paladin/Monk


Class: Paladin/Monk 2

Race: Half-Orc

Age: 38

Hit Points: 30

AC: 22
FORT: 17
REF: 19

Surges/Day: 9

At Wills:

  1. Monk:* 6 vs REF, 1d105 dmg (movement tech: move speed +2)
  2. Paladin:* 8 vs AC or Will, 1d85 dmg (target is marked)

Level 1: Hybrid Talent (Paladin Armor)
Level 2: Blessed Strength (STR instead of CHA for challenge and sanction)

Trained Skills: Athletics 6, Perception 8, Insight 8

Background: Missing Master (+1 to insight and perception)


Bodin hails from the mean streets of Waterdeep, where he lived with Horu (his Human father) for most of his life. He was trained in Waterdeep for his entire childhood not only as a Paladin of the town guard, but also by his father as a practitioner of the mental arts, a psionic. As a Half-Orc, Bodin often had troubles mastering his inner emotions and was never able to truly attain the level of discipline he sought. He struggled with his anger constantly, but the teachings of his father were what held him together emotionally. He began learning the monastic ways, learning to channel his mental might through his body, but it all snapped the day his father was taken. The… “things” attacked in the middle of the night, stealing Horu from his bed and whisking him off into the inky black night. Bodin fought to follow them, but was too weak and the things overcame him and beat him into unconsciousness.

He awoke to find himself at the temple; he was badly bloodied and broken, but still alive. The church raised him for the rest of his young life, using his strength and discipline to train him to be a paladin for the temple. He was a broken man however, even at that young age. He constantly swung between two extremes of emotion. After the taking of his father, he was generally apathetic and emotionless, but in the brief occasions he let his emotions show it was a torrential downpour of pent up anger and frustration. Once he was of age, he worked in the town guard; he quickly became disgruntled with his life however, even if he did sometimes enjoy beating ne’erdowells with fist or baton. After about ten winters as an ineffective and belligerent city guard, he left the city of Waterdeep. He secretly held out that his father was still alive, somewhere out there. Be it on Faerun or in the Far Realm, he was sure Horu could survive anything. And so Bodin set out in search of his lost master.

His father was also his link to the Cerulean Sign and the other loyal keepers. Horu often went out on “missions” for the keepers, and Bodin went with him from time to time, learning the arts of the monks and also learning of the deep taint of the Far Realm. His father planned on his joining the keepers, but after Horu’s disappearance Bodin had no drive to return to the keepers, and to the memories they carried for him. Now, in his own little personal quest, Bodin has decided to use the keepers of the Cerulean Sign as a springboard to find his father. Horu was a member of the keepers of the Rune of Power, and Bodin’s relatively sure that his strange abduction had more than a little something to do with his father’s dedication. Bodin in no way has his father’s zeal for keeping the knowledge of the Sign, in fact he seems to dislike any of the other keepers he meets; however, this is only because of the painful memories of his father they evoke.

Bodin has a gray-green skin tone and has one long scar across his neck (from a particularly nasty midget- er, halfing). He wears the enchanted plate armor the baton given to him by the temple at Waterdeep, and always wears a necklace of large beads around his neck, the only material thing his father left behind.

Bodin Kekwor

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