Deva Swordmage/Artificer Hybrid 4


31 HP
19 AC
14 Fort
17 Reflex
15 Will
8 Str
13 Con
10 Dex
20 Int
15 Wis
10 Cha
+1 Init
13 PI
13 PP
+1 Bastard Sword
+1 Leather Armor
+1 Amulet of Protection


As a race, devas are among the eldest beings in the world. In the earliest days of existence, they were goodhearted angels, some of whom served the good gods. Looking upon the forming world, these angels felt a yearning they could not resist. They descended from the heavens to take on mortal seeming out of a love for the world’s countless wonders.

A typical deva is tall, slim, and athletic. He or she has an imposing air, along with poise and grace few can match. Deva skin harkens to the coloration of the heavens, varying in hues of blue, violet, gray, or black. A deva’s body also has lighter areas that are white or pale gray, and the lighter or darker areas might be dominant. The two colors that make up a deva’s skin tone form patterns unique to the individual. These hues, or only one of the two, also color the deva’s hair, although some variance has been seen, often stemming from a past-life event. Although the weight of a deva’s gaze is always apparent, deva eyes are pale gray or white, without an iris or
a pupil.

Swordmages are powerful arcanists who blend martial combat with magic. Artificers treat mastery of magic like a technical skill. They see a pattern in energy and matter, and they develop an understanding of how to manipulate the flow of arcane energy in and around material objects and creatures. Artificers learn to channel magic into items by using complex chains of sigils and diagrams or by using magical materials.


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